Total War Saga: Troy marches onto Mac October 8

Total War Saga: Troy
Coming soon to a Mac near you.
Photo: Total War Saga: Troy

Turn-based strategy game Total War Saga: Troy is coming to Mac, two months after it debuted on Windows.

The game, which received positive reviews upon its August release for PCs, is set during the Trojan War and the Aegean civilization. Players must engage in battles, harvest resources like wood and bronze, and maintain their approval from the Greek gods. This is the second game in the Total War Saga subseries, following 2018’s Thrones of Britannia.

The preview for the game reads as follows:

“In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. In an act that shocks the world, audacious Paris, prince of Troy, elopes with the beautiful queen of Sparta. As they sail away, King Menelaus curses her name. He vows to bring his wife home – whatever the cost!”

Total War Saga: Troy will be released this Thursday. It’s available exclusively through the Epic Games Store. (Yes, that Epic — the one that’s currently engaged in a vicious battle with Apple.) It will cost $49.99 to download.

There will also be downloadable extras featuring Hippolyta and Penthesilea, with an army of warrior women. This DLC is available for free to anyone registering for Total War Access and linking it with their Epic Games Store account prior to the launch date.

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