What Does Apple’s iPhone 12 ‘Hi, Speed’ Event Invite Tell Us

iPhone 12 eventiPhone 12 event

Apple today sent out invites for its iPhone 12 event on October 13 with the tagline ‘Hi, Speed.’ While the company itself has not confirmed anything about its upcoming iPhones, the event invite itself does act as a teaser of what’s to come.

The “Hi, Speed” tagline used by Apple can refer to a lot of things here and hints at some of the new features the iPhone could pack. Below are some rumored features which the event invite seems to have once again sparked off.


The “Hi, Speed” tagline hints at the iPhone 12 lineup focusing on speed. Now, add in the rumored 5G support and it’s clear this is what the tagline is referring to. After all, 5G is all about speed with the potential to deliver over gigabit+ speeds. Apple has always lagged behind compared to flagship Android smartphones in terms of mobile network connectivity but with the iPhone 12 lineup, the company is looking to change that.

A14 Bionic

The tagline in the event invite could also refer to the A14 Bionic chip that will power the iPhone 12 lineup. The chip has already made its debut inside the iPad Air 4 refresh announced last month and Apple has revealed some of its performance numbers. The company says the A14 Bionic features 11.8 billion transistors and it is based on a 5nm fabrication process. The 6-core CPU of the chip offers a 40 percent boost in performance while the 4-core GPU brings about a 30 percent performance jump. The Neural Engine has also gotten a major boost and now boasts of 16 cores making it twice as fast as before. Lastly, the second-generation ML boosts machine learning calculations by 10 times.

While the iPad Air 4 is yet to go on sale, leaked Geekbench benchmarks also indicate that it is a performance powerhouse. When Apple announces the iPhone 12 lineup next week, it could further boast about the A14 Bionic’s prowess and show how developers could take advantage of it.

Navy Blue Color

The event invite from Apple has shades of blue which could hint at the rumored navy blue color which is expected to replace the Midnight Green color that debuted with the iPhone 11 lineup last year.

120Hz Display?

Could Apple’s event invite also refer to the 120Hz display on the upcoming iPhones? This could be wishful thinking but there were rumors of Apple using a 120Hz ProMotion display on the iPhone 12 Pro lineup, though the plan was seemingly shelved at the last minute due to engineering issues.


Apple’s long-rumored tracking tags AirTags are expected to have a circular design and recent rumors indicate they will be announced alongside the iPhone 12 lineup. Look closely at the event invite and you simply cannot rule out that Apple has hidden the AirTags in plain sight in it. Have a look at the leaked 3D renders of the AirTags and then the event invite again. Seems obvious, no?

AirTags 3D RenderAirTags 3D Render

What do you think Apple’s iPhone 12 October event invite could be referring to? Do you think its 5G and AirTags? Drop a comment and let us know!

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