iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max: Apple’s top-tier, largest-ever phones are finally here

  • Apple unveiled its new iPhone 12 lineup on Tuesday during the company’s “Hi, Speed” event — including the top-tier iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max handsets.
  • Details of the entire lineup leaked in the hours leading up to Apple’s event on Tuesday.
  • The launch of the iPhone 12 lineup is expected to spur an iPhone upgrade “supercycle.”

Apple has just unveiled its top-tier iPhone 12 models during the company’s “Hi, Speed” event being livestreamed today — those model being the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, Apple’s largest-ever handset that boasts an expansive 6.7-inch display.

The model’s design was included in a big leak earlier today of everything teed up to be announced during the event, which in any other year Apple would have actually already held back in September (but for the coronavirus pandemic that’s scuttled so many plans and events like this one throughout 2020). This iPhone launch event is also more important than recent launches for Apple, because it’s expected that the iPhone 12 lineup will kick off an upgrade “supercycle.” The thinking is that consumers will be motivated to grab one of the newest handsets thanks to a new design, as well as support for 5G high-speed service (“Hi, Speed,” get it?) that’s slowly making its way to communities around the world.

Interest in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, leading up to today’s event, was particularly keen on expected camera features and improvements, like better image stabilization and optical zoom, improved low-light camera performance, and a triple-lens camera scheme with a LiDAR sensor. “The next generation is here,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during Tuesday’s event, about the new iPhone lineup.

In a recent analyst note penned by Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, he laid out the case for why today’s Apple event was so highly anticipated thus: “Across the board we are seeing an uptick around production and pent-up demand for the slate of iPhone 12 models (expecting 4 new models) set to be unveiled next week in this launch event. In particular we are seeing Apple and its Asian suppliers anticipate stepped-up demand for the larger 6.7-inch model which is raising the overall iPhone 12 expectations heading into this ‘once in a decade’ potential launch.”

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro MaxImage source: Apple

Moreover, he continued, the timing is right for an “unprecedented” iPhone upgrade cycle.

We’ll have more details about the Pro Max release date and price date momentarily, but all told Apple has not disappointed today. The iPhone 12 lineup this year was poised to be especially ambitious, with the company set to release four new OLED-based devices.

With regard to specs, all iPhone 12 models will include support for 5G connectivity, in addition to boasting Apple’s next-gen A14 processor, improved Face ID performance, and enhanced camera capabilities across the board.

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