Video: MagSafe Charging Older iPhones at Terribly Slow Speeds

Amidst much fanfare, Apple released the iPhone 12 earlier this month. The company also announced the return of the MagSafe charger in a new avatar. The charger has already been shipped, and many buyers have started using it. One of the YouTuber has tested the MagSafe charger and has revealed some interesting facts.

If you were going to buy a MagSafe charger, the new findings would disappoint you. A YouTuber reveals that MagSafe charger falls short when it comes to charging older iPhones. In other words, people using older iPhones will not get good charging speeds with MagSafe.


The MagSafe charger is rated to offer wireless charging speed of up to 15W. However, only iPhone 12 can be charged at 15W while the older iPhone’s charge at a pathetic 2W. Yes, you heard it right less than 2W! YouTube channel Max Tech used iPhone SE on a MagSafe charger and found it charged at a dismal 2W. However, the iPhone SE charged at 7.5W when connected with a standard Qi-enabled wireless charger.

In this video I test out Apple’s new Magsafe charger with iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, and show how many watts and how fast it can charge those iPhones that accept 7.5W when wireless charging. This charging speed will be the same for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 11, and other Apple devices like Airpods and Airpods pro with wireless charging case.

Apple maintains that all iPhones that support wireless charging support MagSafe. However, the company has not mentioned the speed at which MagSafe charges older iPhones. It is even more surprising that MagSafe charges iPhones at a paltry 1.83W. Check out the entire video for more details.

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