1Password Beta Arrives for Linux

A screenshot of 1Password for Linux beta

I love 1Password. I switched to it from LastPass earlier this year, and I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Not only is it a great service, but there’s a constant drive to be better, do more, and offer something for everyone. Now, Linux users become part of that “everyone” with a new beta of 1Password.

Much like the Windows app, this is a full-featured desktop application. 1Password for Linux offers everything you’d expect here: searching, easy sharing, data export, Watchtower with Security Score—the works. It also works with biometric unlock options.

It also plays nice with apt install and dnf package managers for quick and easy installation on many distros. It integrates with the GTK theme for automatic dark mode, supports staying unlocked in the system tray, and integrates with the X11 clipboard for automatic clearing. All in all, it has a solid set of features, especially for a beta. In theory, this should also work on Chrome OS, though I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. It’s on my shortlist.

But that’s also the thing to remember here—this is a beta. The full version is expected to launch sometime next year, but if you’re looking to get a glimpse of what 1Password has been cooking, now’s your chance. You can learn more about all of 1Password for Linux’s features on the 1Password Blog.