Becoming You’s epic toddlers will clobber you with cute

Apple TV+ Becoming You
This kid can surf better than I can.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ looks to continue building its sterling reputation with the upcoming six-part documentary series Becoming You. Narrated by Oscar-winner Olivia Coleman, the series will tell the story of the first 2,000 days of life for 100 kids from around the world.

It hits me, as the kids say, “right in the feels.” Check out the trailer below.

As I’ve stated before, Apple TV+ continues to make all the right moves. This looks to be exactly the kind of documentary I hoped Apple would make. It’s sure to be educational in a fun way, showcases the kind of diversity and global vision Apple aims for, and is just the kind of grand, ambitious project very few companies could pull off. I defy anyone to not be charmed by this.

Documentaries about the early development of kids are constantly fascinating. Here in the UK, we have The Secret Life of Three Year Olds (and its follow-ups), along with the classic Up series, following the life progress of its subjects from the age of seven. What Apple is adding to this is the global reach and high end production values that only it (and maybe a handful of other streaming services) could offer. If the documentary series lives up to the trailer, this could be brilliant.

In short, this is one Apple TV+ series I’ll definitely be checking out the moment it hits Apple TV+.

Becoming You will arrive on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 13. The documentary was first announced by Apple back in August.