$129 MagSafe Duo charger is slower than $49 MagSafe puck

MagSafe Duo
It maxes out at 14W, but iPhone 12 can charge at 15W.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s fancy new MagSafe Duo charger delivers less power than the more affordable MagSafe puck, despite its $129 price tag.

Its charging power can be increased — if you cough up more for a beefier charging adapter — but even then, the MagSafe Duo is unable to match the solo MagSafe in charging speeds.

Apple new iPhone 12 lineup is capable of charging wirelessly at up to 15W. The only exception is the iPhone 12 mini, which maxes out at 12W — but that’s still faster than the 7.5W supported by older models.

Strangely, you won’t enjoy those faster charging speeds if you splash out on Apple’s pricey MagSafe Duo charging accessory, which tops up iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.

MagSafe Duo can’t deliver top charging speeds

That’s because the MagSafe Duo maxes out at just 11W when you use a 20W charging adapter, according to Apple’s website. This can be increased to 14W when you use a 27W (or higher) adapter instead.

In comparison, the solo MagSafe puck, priced at just $39, is capable of charging your iPhone at up to 15W when you use a 20W adapter. Both can also charge AirPods and other Qi-compatible devices.

It’s worth noting Apple doesn’t sell a 27W adapter of its own. The closest is the 30W model, priced at $49. Add that to the cost of the MagSafe Duo and you’re looking at just under $180.

That’s a lot to pay for a wireless charger — especially when you have products like the Zens Dual+Watch, which also charge iPhone and Apple Watch at up to 20W, for just $116.

‘Coming soon’

If the slower charging speeds don’t put you off, MagSafe Duo will be “available soon,” Apple says. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but Apple will surely be pushing to get it out before the holidays.