Google Stadia Debuts on iOS as Web Based App

Today Nvidia announced that it is bringing GeForce Now to iOS via a web app. Google has also joined the list and announced iOS support for Stadia. Game streaming services are turning to web apps to circumvent App Store restrictions. Google is working on a progressive web app version of Stadia that runs on the Safari browser.

The cloud streaming war on iOS is getting heated up as Microsoft is also testing the public version of xCloud on iOS. However, Nvidia and Google are the first ones to introduce a cloud gaming service on iOS. In the beginning, Apple announced a blanket ban on cloud streaming apps. Later it took a softer stance and asked the streaming service to list every game separately on the App Store.

Microsoft and others criticized Apple’s move claiming customers would have a “bad experience.” Today marks Stadia’s first anniversary. Google also announced the first set of free-to-play games available on Stadia. Furthermore, the company claims it has introduced more than 80 games on Stadia in the past one year and added 100 new features to the platform.

Currently, you can access 65 Stadia Pro games that are free. Some of the titles are offered for a limited time. Moreover, Google is offering a Stadia Premiere bundle for those preordering CD Projeckt Red Cyberpunk 2077. In all likelihood, this is a limited time offer.

Stadia Premiere Edition is priced at $99.99 and it includes a Google Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller. The controller is available in three colors, including Clearly White, Just Black, and Wasabi. Stadia is compatible with nearly all TV when connected via Chromecast Ultra. It also supports Google Chrome (version 77 and above.) The first three months are free, and after that, Google charges $10/month.

[via TheVerge]

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