Walmart will sell more PS5 and Xbox Series X units on Thursday

  • Walmart will open more PS5 and Xbox Series X sales on Thursday, starting at 3:00 PM.
  • Both the expensive versions of the consoles and the cheaper models will be available online while supply lasts.
  • Walmart will only take orders online, and buying the consoles in retail stores won’t be possible.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are finally out, and those lucky gamers who were able to purchase their desired next-gen gaming system have received theirs already. But plenty of people are still unable to purchase either model, or the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S. That’s because neither Sony nor Microsoft was able to manufacture enough consoles to meet demand, and the devices might remain sold out for months, especially with the holidays approaching. Some retailers will have the new PlayStation and Xbox in stores on Black Friday, but stock is likely to be limited again. And they will still sell for regular prices, as it’s way too early to expect any discounts. Rather than waiting until next week to try your luck, you might want to try to score your next-gen console purchase right now. The good news is that Walmart will open more PS5 and Series X orders on Thursday. The bad news is that the stock is limited.

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Walmart took to social media the other day to announce that it will have more PS5 and Xbox Series X units online on Thursday, with sales set for 3:00 PM. You have plenty of time to get your affairs in order until then, and attempt to get your order in.

It’s not just the regular PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X that are getting restocked. According to the sales page, the $399 PS5 Digital Edition and $299 Xbox Series S will also be available for sale on Thursday, “while supply lasts.”

Walmart will host a similar PS5 and Xbox Series X sale on Black Friday, according to the company’s most recent Black Friday ad. The same rules will apply. You’ll have to order the console online and wait for it to arrive home. Buying either model in Walmart retail location won’t be possible on Black Friday.

GameStop will also sell the two consoles on Black Friday for the same regular $499 retail prices. But unlike Walmart, GameStop will offer in-store sales to customers. That’s certainly a strange decision, considering the health crisis. The coronavirus is surging, and hosting any in-store event that can generate crowds isn’t necessarily the best idea, Black Friday or not.

Until then, this is the Walmart link you need to have open on your computer or phone before 3:00 PM, as you might finally get lucky and get your PS5 and/or Xbox order in.

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