PS5 is crushing Xbox Series X on the resale market

  • Reseller website StockX says that demand for the PS5 on the resale market is nearly twice as high as it is for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.
  • Relisted PS5 consoles are selling for $900 on average, while the Xbox Series X sells for $730.
  • PS5 and Xbox models with disc drives are also significantly outselling the digital versions.

At this point, if you haven’t already secured a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you’re going to need some serious luck to find one before the end of the year. The PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S sell out within seconds every time more stock goes live, and while it would have been difficult to snag one anyway, scalper bots have made the process even more challenging, as they can complete a transaction much faster than you can.

Even more frustrating is the fact that you can buy a next-generation game console right now — you’ll just have to be willing to pay around four times more than the retail price. Welcome to the thriving resale market, where scalpers are relisting consoles immediately after buying them for upwards of $1,000. But as infuriating as the practice might be, it has given us some interesting insight into the demand for each of the new machines.

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StockX, one of the more popular reseller websites, has reported nearly twice as much demand for the PS5 as for the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S. Having organized the sale of “more than 60,000 PlayStation and Xbox consoles globally” as of Tuesday, StockX says the average price of PS5 sales hovers around $900, while the Xbox Series X is typically selling in the range of $730. Basically, all signs are pointing to a higher demand for PS5s.

“Across all domestic and international versions (US, UK, and EU), the two PlayStation consoles (Blu-ray and digital) have been the more popular choice, accounting for 62% of console sales to date, compared to 38% for the Xbox (Series X/S),” StockX senior economist Jesse Einhornhe told Business Insider this week.

Einhorn also revealed that the disc-based version of each console is outselling the digital-only version. The standard PS5 has apparently outsold the PS5 Digital Edition two-to-one on the resale market. The Xbox Series X (which has a disc drive) has also been outselling the Xbox Series S, but by an even wider margin.

The good news for consumers is that sales have apparently slowed a bit in the days following Black Friday, which means that you might actually stand a chance of buying a PS5 or a new Xbox before Christmas has come and gone. That said, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and follow Twitter accounts such as @IGNDeals, @videogamedeals, and @Wario64 if you want to be first on the scene when retailers receive more stock.

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