Save Some Coin on Your Smart Home with Google Nest’s Refurbished Line

Google Refurbished products against geometric background
Google, Washdog/

Google is now broadening its refurbished products selection to include connected home devices, in addition to the refurbished Pixel phones and Pixelbooks it started reselling last September. If you don’t mind your products being gently used, this is a terrific way to build up your smart home gadget collection without breaking the bank.

Don’t worry: Google’s refurbished products undergo its extensive quality control process before being resold. Google fully scrubs the devices and restores them to like-new condition then puts them through a series of tests just to ensure they’re still up to the task. All refurbished products carry a one-year warranty from Google as well.

Though the discount isn’t staggering, you can still enjoy a slight discount on a variety of gadgets, like the Refurbished Nest Cam Indoor for $115 (down from its original price of $129) or the Refurbished Google Nest Protect: 2nd Gen Smoke + CO Alarm for just $90 (which runs $119 for the newest version). Of course, you can also find a Refurbished Pixel 3 there, starting at $249 if you’re looking for a new smartphone. 

via 9to5Google