The Original ‘FarmVille’ Dies on January 1, 2021: Play It While You Can

A digital farm with the 'FarmVille' logo

Did you spend way too much time playing the original FarmVille way back in its heyday? Well, now your last chance to get one last minute of retro farming in. The original FarmVille shuts down after today (December 31) and won’t work anymore when the new year arrives. The writing was always on the wall considering the impending death of Flash. But act now if you want a bit of nostalgia.

Believe it or not, FarmVille is eleven years old now. Even more surprisingly, you can still play the original game—for one more day at least. Zynga, the company behind FarmVille, already shut down in-app purchases last November. And it’s not like the entire game concept is dead; FarmVille has multiple sequels already. But they aren’t the same.

But it does feel like an end to the early internet, and especially early Facebook days. Eleven years ago, there wasn’t much to do or see on Facebook, and FarmVille was almost THE reason to visit the site. Sending your friends a poke only provided so much amusement. With the game’s limits built-in to drive daily visits and the urge to spend cash, it took off pretty quickly. And crashed not long after.

If you remember your farm fondly and want to harvest one last time, go now. It’ll be too late when the new year arrives.

Source: Zynga via Engadget