Kangaroo’s New $40 Security Camera Looks Impressive for the Price

The Kangaroo Indoor + Outdoor cam covered in water.

How much should you spend on an outdoor security camera? The new Kangaroo Indoor + Outdoor Cam kind of complicates that question. It costs just $40, but it packs in a ton of cool features like color night vision and motion detection.

So let’s talk about it. The Kangaroo Indoor + Outdoor Cam shoots 1080p video and is weatherproofed with IP65 certification. Thanks to a full-color night mode, the Kangaroo Cam can capture strangers’ faces and clothing at night, and a built-in 85-decibel siren lets you scare off weirdos or alert neighbors to a threat.

And with an active Cam Protect ($1.99 a month) or Cam Complete ($8.25 a month) subscription, the new Kangaroo Cam can detect select individuals or send you alerts when there are loud noises nearby. These plans also unlock $250 and $1,000 of theft and damage protection, respectively, and the more expensive Cam Complete plan includes Kangaroo’s professional monitoring service.

But the new Kangaroo Cam is wired, so it needs to stay close to a power outlet. It may also have a limited range when compared to other security cameras, as it doesn’t have a dedicated hub.

My suggestion? If you just want a camera to guard your door, grab Kangaroo’s $25 video doorbell. And if you need an affordable battery-powered camera, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is a solid choice. But if you don’t mind the wires and really want to save money, the Kangaroo Indoor + Outdoor Cam seems like a great choice … although the Wyze Cam V3 is also excellent and costs less.