This drain cover is perfect for catching hair and preventing clogs

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  • I kept clogging my shower drain with strands of my thick, curly hair.
  • The OXO shower drain cover is the hair catcher I needed.
  • The silicone cover stops hair from going down the drain but allows water to pass through.

I comb my thick, curly hair while showering, leaving plenty of loose strands behind. For a long time, I let my hair work its way down the drain.

Before you judge my reckless habits, know that I tried to do better. Over the years, I bought many shower drain covers: a cheap wire mesh one that collected soap scum and ultimately rusted, a flower-shaped hair catcher with suction cups that was impossible to clean, and a set of pretty pastel covers that developed a yellow hue in a matter of weeks.

Nearly all did a decent job of catching hair, but they also created a dam that left me standing in a couple inches of soapy water. It became my habit to kick the cover aside midshower. And with that, baby Chewbaccas were frequently born from the depths of my drain, snaked out by myself, my reluctant partner, or the plumber sent by my landlord when it got really bad (sorry, Murray).

My last resort was this OXO shower drain cover. I couldn’t imagine it would stay put because it lacked suction cups, but I gave it a try out of desperation. Over the last six months, this cover has done exactly what it’s supposed to do. My hair now lands in the wastebasket after every shower, and bathing my dog has gotten a whole lot easier with this drain cover, too.