If You Use Xbox Cloud Gaming, It’s Time to Install Microsoft Edge

Someone playing Xbox Cloud Gaming on their laptop.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service will eventually turn every computer and smart TV into a high-quality cloud gaming console. But if you want a taste of that future now, you should use Xbox Cloud Gaming in the Microsoft Edge browser. That’s because the latest Xbox Cloud Gaming feature, called Clarity Boost, is an Edge exclusive.

Clarity Boost uses client-side scaling technology to improve the image quality of cloud gaming streams. In other words, it makes your Xbox Cloud Gaming session look sharper and more detailed. Microsoft hasn’t really explained how Clarity Boost works, though it appears to be an AI image enhancement tool similar to those found in newer TVs.

An example of Clarity Boost on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The new Clarity Boost feature is currently in development, though you can try it in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary release. Edge Canary is the experimental version of Microsoft’s browser, and installing it won’t replace the normal version of Edge on your PC or Mac.

To activate Clarity Boost, fire up an Xbox Cloud Gaming session in Edge Canary, open the More Actions menu (the three dots), and select Enable Clarity Boost. Microsoft hints that this feature may use extra battery life, though you can quickly disable it through the More Actions menu.

Microsoft says that Clarity Boost will be available for all Edge users next year. Because it’s a client-side feature (meaning that it’s built into Edge), I doubt that it will arrive on Chrome or other browsers anytime soon.

Source: Microsoft, r/XboxInsiders via TechRadar