Get Withings’ Discounted Smart Scale and Start Tracking Your Body Composition

The Withings Body+ smart scale

Holy cow, Withings’ Body+ smart scale is nearly half-off at Amazon. Usually priced at $100, you can buy the Body+ scale to track your weight and body composition for just $59. It’s a killer deal, even if you’ve stumbled through your New Year’s resolutions.

The Withings Body+ smart scale measures weight, muscle and bone mass, and your body fat or water weight percentage. All of this data syncs to the Health Mate app so you can track weight and body composition over time—yeah, this puppy makes setting and reaching health goals a whole lot easier.

I should mention that the Body+ scale lacks heart rate monitoring, which is a key feature of Withings’ new Body Scan scale. But to be honest, measuring your heart rate while you stand on a scale isn’t all that useful, especially if you already own a smartwatch or fitness band.

If you want to intelligently track your weight and body composition, buy the Withings Body+ now! It’s only $59 today on Amazon, but this deal ends soon!

Source: Engadget