Apple education store discounts now require proof of student status

Apple education store now requires proof of student status
If you want an educational discount on a MacBook, better be prepared to prove you are a university student.
Photo: Antoni Shkraba/Pexels

The U.S. Apple Store for Education started requiring shoppers to prove that they are a university student or teacher before they can get products at a discount. Before now, it was essentially on the honor system.

After the change, shoppers can’t even see what the discounted prices are without being verified first.

Apple Store for Education stops using the honor system for discounts

The Apple Store for Education website now tells users they must “start by verifying your eligibility” before getting to the discounts That’s followed by a link to UNiDAYS, a third-party service that’s handling the process. This is required “to verify your student or staff status,” according to Apple.

Apple’s education discounts were always supposed to be only available to university students, students accepted into university, parents buying for university students, and teachers and staff at all levels. But the Mac-maker essentially took customers’ word about their status.

Apple reserved the right to check later to see if shoppers qualified, and bill them the extra cost for the gear they’d bought if they had fibbed. But there were no up-front checks. At least not in the US. Apple UK already used UNiDAYS to confirm that shoppers were students or educators.

Apple didn’t announce the change, but it was noticed recently by Reddit users. It reportedly wasn’t yet in effect during the 2021 holiday shopping season.

So if you’re a student hoping to score a Mac, be prepared to jump through a few hoops before making your purchase.