WhatsApp adds support for Focus mode, notification photos in iOS 15

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WhatsApp embraces iOS 15.
Image: WhatsApp

The latest WhatsApp update on iPhone brings a number of neat improvements for those who have updated to iOS 15. The app is now fully compatible with Focus mode, while contact photos now appear in notifications.

WhatsApp has also made it possible to pause and resume while recording voice messages. The version 22.2.75 is now available to all, though it could be a few weeks before the improvements are rolled out to everyone.

WhatsApp now works with Focus mode

Focus mode is still a pretty controversial addition to iOS 15. Some users love its flexibility, while others were content with the way things used to be when Do Not Disturb took care of everything. But we have no choice but to embrace it.

That’s exactly what WhatsApp is doing with its latest update on iPhone. With full Focus mode support, it’s now possible to receive notifications from select contacts while everyone else is silenced so that they can’t distract you.

The latest version of the app also adds contact photos to notifications — another feature that requires iOS 15 — and allows you to pause (then resume) while you’re recording voice messages.

Rolling out to all

These improvements are now rolling out to all WhatsApp users with the version 22.2.75 update — available from the App Store now — after being tested in recent WhatsApp betas. However, not everyone will see them immediately.

WhatsApp says the changes will be available “over the coming weeks.” The company is also working on two-step verification to bolster security for those who take advantage of multi-device support.