Michael Douglas will portray a sexy Benjamin Franklin in Apple TV+ historical drama

Michael Douglas will portray a sexy Benjamin Franklin in Apple TV+ historical drama
Ben Franklin is going to look very good in an upcoming g Apple TV+ drama.
Photo: Joseph-Siffred Duplessis/Google Cultural Institute/Apple

A Benjamin Franklin biopic is headed for Apple TV+, with legendary actor Michael Douglas taking on the title role.

Just as importantly, the limited series is being written by Kirk Ellis. He also wrote HBO’s John Adams, which was showered with awards.

Michael Douglas will make a hot Benjamin Franklin

The Apple TV+ drama will cover Franklin’s diplomatic trip to France in the middle of the U.S. war for independence. He was 70 and without any diplomatic training, but nevertheless convinced France — an absolute monarchy — to pick up much of the cost for America’s experiment in democracy. Along the way, Franklin outmaneuvered British spies, French informers and hostile colleagues to bring about the Franco-American alliance of 1778.

Michael Douglas will take on the role of one of America’s founding fathers. Douglas has over 50 years of acting experience. Among his many accolades are two Academy Awards and five Golden Globes.

The Apple TV+ series will be based on the book A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America by Pulitzer Prize winner Stacy Schiff. As noted, the adaptation will be written by Kirk Ellis. It will be directed by Tim Van Patten.

This early in the process, it is not yet known when Apple’s streaming service will release its Benjamin Franklin biopic.

Apple TV+ is history

Apple has a tremendous number of series and films in development. Anyone interested in the upcoming drama based on the life of Benjamin Franklin should also be pleased to hear that Ridley Scott will reportedly direct an epic starring Joaquin Phoenix as French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte for Apple TV+.

Plus, the streaming service recently premiered the documentary Lincoln’s Dilemma. And a true-crime series on the hunt for assassin John Wilkes Booth is in development. Or there’s Tom Hanks WWII movie Greyhound from 2020. And Masters of the Air, a followup to HBO’s mega-hit Band of Brothers, is on the way.

Access to al of these comes with a $4.99-a-month subscription to Apple TV+.

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